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Foreclosures - Our Auction Calendar VIZ®

We offer you an extensive list of all foreclosure real estate properties in Germany.versteigerungskalender muster 2013.jpg

Our VIZ® Calendar makes it easy for you to observe the foreclosure market, compare prices and in the end, save a lot of money. The list is always kept up to date and gives you the availability to monitor the German foreclosure`s market.

We publish all appointments six weeks in advance in the PDF published calendar. Such you have enough time to figure out which object may fit your prospect.

Online you may find the dates up to one year in advance depending on which period of validity you choose.

Our VIZ® auction booklets cover different issues. You can choose between certain regions or special editions, like the one for "Return on Investment" real estates. Further information is given below.

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VIZ® - The Print Version

Appointment Dates ordered by Postal Code

Published always 6 Weeks in Advance

Guarantee of Completeness

Do not miss any Appointment

Money-Back Guarantee

After a Successful Auction you will get the Subscription Fee of the Residual Time Back

Awarded by Customer Protection

Reliability and Quality of Service

VIZ® - The Online Version

With a subscription contract of the VIZ® - Print Version you will get free online access

Easy Search

Creation of a list of favorites

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Get Information about Cancelled Dates of Real Estates Forseclosures and Changes of Appointments

We are offering following VIZ® Auction Booklets:

VIZ® Regional Edition

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Subdivided into different German Federal States.

You can choose the region in which you are interested in.

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VIZ® Special Edition - covering whole Germany

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Are you looking for certain property types?
In that case the VIZ® special issues offer you a suitable

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  • Millionenobjekte
    (Investments starting from 500.000 Euro)
  • Denkmal
    (Monuments - Interesting not only for tax reasons)
  • Hotels + Gaststätten
    (Hotels, Restaurants and more)
  • Zweit-/ Folgetermine 
    (Second auction appointments - 5/10 limits, i.e. bidding starts with 50% of current market value)
  • Bau-/ Grundstücke + Land-/ Forstwirtschaft
    (Agricultural objects: Farming, stables and more + building sites)
  • Gewerbeobjekte + Mehrfamilienhäuser
    (Industry and Return-on-Investment Objects:Objects with special ROI, Office Buildings and more)
  • Studentenwohnungen
    (Flats for students in university cities)


Contract Duration VIZ® Regional Issue

  • 3 months for 99,00 €
  • 6 months for 156,00 €
  • 9 months for 198,00 €
  • 12 months for 240,00 €

Contract Duration VIZ® Special Issue

  • 3 months for 165,00 €
  • 6 months for 313,50 €
  • 12 months for 580,00 €

The delivery stops as soon as you purchase a property at auction and you get a refund for the remaining months. For this to happen please send us the acceptance of bid.

In the case where you order from abroad, you will receive the calendar as pdf by mail.

You may order directly via Online Shop by Credit Card.

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Service for foreign Customers

We might help you to organize a broker, who is coming with you to the auction appointment or is taking over the whole auction for you.

As we are not a professional broker, but offer knowledge and information about foreclosures we have partner, who are providing this service.

They are chosen by strict criteria to fulfill high quality standard.

If you are interested in that service please send us an Email and we will get back to you with an offer.


fotolia_43985967_xs.jpgWhat do we supply?

The VIZ® auction booklet lists:

- exact adress

- appraisal value

- date of auction

- register number

- court`s file number

- crediter (if known)

Argetra`s new feature: We will offer the appraisal report for many auctions via download links

That is a unique service in Germany.

With your client login, you can download all relevant information (if available) with one click.

How do I purchase the VIZ® auction booklet?

You can buy our product directly online in our Shop or after you have spoken to one of our phone counselors at 0049/ 2102-711711.

Our product is available by subscription only, since we are convinced that this is the only way to offer a complete market survey with the greatest chance of success for our clients.

Very often our clients focus on one specific property, missing out on many others that are auctioned within the same time frame.

Knowledge is power - we provide the most complete market transparency by including each and every scheduled auction in our calendar.

Note: If you bought a property before your subscription ends, you will be refunded the remaining subscription fees. Just send us a copy of the winning bid document.