Foreclosure Calendar

viz.jpgThe VIZ® Calendar

- Published every month

- Period of validity: 6 weeks

- All real estate information at a glance

- Online Access:
review of appointments up to one year  before auction


Our foreclosure calendar lists all real estates scheduled to be in foreclosure auctions.

Argetra publishes the court dates, file numbers and addresses.
Our client login function enables you to read the appraisal expertise (if available).
If you order our calendar now, you won`t miss out any auction appointment - guaranteed.

You will receive the PDF version every beginning of the month via Email. Inside this document you find all appointments for the next six weeks. In addition you may use your online access to watch out appointments for the whole duration of your contract.

Price List

Regional Editions

  3 months subscription    99,00 Euro

  6 months subscription  156,00 Euro

  9 months subscription  198,00 Euro

12 months subscription  264,00 Euro

Attention! Because of our 30 Years Anniversary, we sell the 12-months-subscription for the special price of 240,00 Euro!

Special Editions -

  3 months subscription    165,00 Euro

  6 months subscription    313,50 Euro

12 months subscription    580,00 Euro

Money-Back Guarantee

If you place a winning bid, you will receive a refund for the remaining issues.

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